Nyra, a Service AI Bot “Accurately” Predicted the Super Eagles’ Win, Chats with Users


Nigerian startup, KariXchange, has just unveiled its artificial intelligence bot called Nyra.

KariXchange is a platforms developer specializing in platform design and development. Its platforms focus on user experience and slick interface. Nyra, its social and service AI bot, integrates into the backend KariXcahnge services to perform a wide range of functions.

Nyra, A Service AI Bot, "Accurately" Predicted Nigeria's World Cup Win, Chats with Users
KariXchange CEO, Eucharia Amanambu speaking at the launch of Nyra

According to KariXchange CEO, Eucharia Amanambu, the startup is 2 months away from releasing its first service application built around artificial intelligence. Powered by Nyra, the service app uses other machine learning technologies for predicting human behaviour and delivering excellent customer service.

Nyra Launched in Time for the World Cup

Originally developed as a key component of a yet to be released service, Nyra launched 2 months early for one reason: the World Cup.

KariXchange says its AI is intelligent enough to engage users in any topic, and most importantly, predict matches. Now, this is an interesting and even ambitious approach.

KariXchange CEO, Eucharia Amanambu,

Match prediction is a difficult area to delve in. Beyond focusing on previous results, each game needs to be analyzed for context. Individual team strength, individual player capabilities, past goal records, clean sheets, the importance of the match, etc, are all contexts that are varied.  Also, analyzing context can be very tasking, challenging, and tricky. However, KariXchange says it is confident Nyra is up to the task.

Nyra Predicted Nigeria will Beat Iceland

It’s still too early to tell, but keen football lovers, especially bettors, will surely have an eye for Nyra. Nyra predicted a win for Nigeria when the country played Iceland recently. Although it predicted a 1-0 scoreline, the game ended 2-0 to the delight of Nigerians.

KariXchange CEO, Eucharia Amanambu,
Nyra predicted Nigeria’s Iceland win but predicted a 1-0 scoreline

It may not be perfect yet, but the 2018 World Cup appears to be a fantastic period to properly field test this technology. KariXchange is certainly hoping this happens as the startup already has a programme in place to attract football lovers to the platform. The platform company promises gifts to users who can out-predict Nyra in any football match.

Although sports prediction is not its core, KariXchange is banking on it to garner Nyra the publicity it needs to gain traction.

So are you ready to make your own match prediction? Head on to the Nyra website here.

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