Taxify Launches an In-App Safety Button for Driver-Partners in Nigeria

Taxify Launches an In-App Safety Button for Driver-Partners in Nigeria

Taxify, one the world’s fastest-growing ride-hailing app, has rolled out a new SOS button in a bid to ensure the safety of its driver-partners from attacks in Nigeria.  This feature has been made available to drivers so that they can access safety whenever they are in areas or situations where there is danger and they feel unsafe.


While speaking on the feature, Taxify’s Operations Manager, Uche Okafor, said that the rollout of the SOS button came in furtherance of the company’s plans to ensure drivers safety with the use of technology.

With hundreds of thousands of trips across the country booked through our app each week, the safety of driver-partners and riders is a top priority for the company. The safety button will allow Taxify driver-partners to access rapid deployment of the correct emergency response should they find themselves in danger and allow driver-partners to connect to emergency help in critical situations.

The SOS button when tapped by the driver, is programmed to put a distress call through to the Lagos State Emergency Response Agency. This feature happens to be only present in the platform’s Drivers App (it can’t be accessed on the normal Taxify riders app).

This is a good innovation in ensuring driver safety. However, considering the fact that the threat could go both ways (assault against the riders), Taxify would also have to work towards rolling out a feature that would ensure safety for the riders who make use of the platform.

Taxify is a leading International ride-sharing platform, connecting millions of riders and drivers around the world to make travel easier, more reliable and more affordable.


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