TSTV Decoder is Finally Here, But it’s Not What We Expected!

TSTV Decoder is Finally Here, But It's Not What We Expected!

After missing its set date to release the much-anticipated decoders last year, TSTV claims its decoders are now fully available. According to the company’s Twitter post yesterday, the decoders can now be ordered all across the country.

The news doesn’t come as a big surprise, though–the company first announced the new date a couple of weeks ago.

Now, considering this announcement came on April Fools Day and the company’s past history, a lot of people are skeptical to the news. And customers are right to be. The decoder on sale is nothing compared to the mouth-watering offer TSTV offered last year.

Last year, TSTV promised customers internet-enabled decoders. The decoders are supposed to run with internet data and be WiFi-enabled. This makes the decoders some sort of modem, allowing video conferencing and data sharing.

The company even promised 10GB data for N3000, and 20 GB extra data. Pausing the subscription and recording videos with PVR are other features advertised.  The plan was to make Pay-TV more flexible and affordable in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, all these are for the Dexterity decoder (which will be available by June). Instead, TSTV is selling the Sassy decoder. The Sassy decoder has a few of these features, such as the PVR and subscription pausing. But it’s not internet-enabled, and it lacks WiFi capability.

Yet, it does offer the same affordable subscription prices.  These include the ‎N200 for daily subscription, N500 for 3-day subscription and N750 for weekly subscription.

Additionally, the Sassy decoder sells for N3,500, as opposed to Dexterity’s N5,000. However for that price, Sassy has about 70 channels. But most importantly, it lacks premium sports channels, a high in-demand feature.

Away from this, TSTV still doesn’t seem to have its act together. A few customers complained that they got the decoder but no dish. Normally, you should get both at the time of purchase or delivery. So why the holdup, TSTV?

By now, one would have expected that the TSTV team got its act together. Considering the sort of competition it expects from DSTv, TSTV still seems somewhat unprepared.


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