Movie Review: #Paddington2 Is a Rare Source of Hope in These Trying Times

Movie Review- #Paddington2 Is a Rare Source of Hope in These Trying Times 2

In a world were nothing is good nor fair anymore, one will nurse the opinion that justice is a utopia, but Paddington 2 walks in mid-scene and changes our orientation in a very surprising fashion.

Paddington 2 is a movie which many will be tempted to quickly draw conclusions from the first two statements, but David Hayman left no room for any doubt in this production, Paul King knew exactly in what direction this motion picture was headed.

With a cast meticulously selected and knitted to perfection, this movie takes on a not too familiar pathway to achieve the creation of a delightful cinema experience. For movie enthusiasts and good readers, it won’t take a decade to know that this movie is a sequel to 2015’s well-received adaptation of Michael Bond’s adorable.

In this sequel, Paddington (a talking bear) rescued from the dangers of the Peruvian forest by Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo, gets to settle with a very lovely family in London (the Browns).

Inherent the genes of this cub are the ability to effect a positive change in any environment he finds himself, and that he began to do with the Browns and it spread around about the neighbourhood. Kind-hearted, ever grateful and willing to impress Aunty Lucy, Paddington seeks to buy her a worthy gift in celebration of her 100th birthday.

To get this deed done, Paddington puts in the extra effort to acquire a gorgeous pop-up book which details London, a place which his aunt has always wished to visit.

The narrative takes a different twist when it turns out that Paddington is not the only one interested in the one-of-a-kind present which he found at Gruber’s oddities shop; the devious Phoenix Buchanan plays a quick one on the bear, the priceless gift goes missing and all things fall apart for the friendly bear.

Paddington ends up in jail and begins a work of transformation which tapers into his quest for justice. It is in the build-up to clear his name of any doubt that the movie unravels all the spice of music and theatrics that makes it a must watch.

The story of Paddington is one which many persons can relate to. Almost everywhere, there are millions who have been held behind bars for crimes they did not commit and as such some of their dreams are killed because justice seem non-existent and there is no one to fight for the innocent.

Fighting for the truth and for that which one believes in is a key theme explored in Paddington 2, Ben Whishaw who plays lead and Sally Hawkins are the two who really see to the clinical exploration of this theme.

Supporting each other as family and friends is yet another theme properly spelt out in the acts put up by Hugh Bonneville and the rest of the browns, as well as Brendan Gleeson who plays Knuckles alongside other friends from the prison.

Ultimately, Paddington 2 shows that with the right spice in any kitchen, there can be some good even in the worst meals, by that we mean that if the right approach is taken, then one can find the good in every person. Crazy as that sounds, this movie makes this idea a possibility that almost everyone is open to.

Violent just enough to stimulate the nerves, nothing gruesome for which viewers discretion will be advised.

It is in the measured touch of comic relief and the apportioned dose of sorrow it avails, that Paddington 2 worked its way into grossing $237 million worldwide, and receiving three nominations at the 71st British Academy Film Awards, including for Best British Film, Best Adapted Screenplay for Farnaby and King and Best Actor in a Supporting Role, for Grant.

Let no one be deceived that this movie is just one suited for kids, the humour is heightened, and the inherent messages cut across every age and class, so as long as we remain, humans, there is a part of us that can wholly relate to Paddington 2.

I recommend you catch this movie at the cinemas in the evening or on a widescreen, just after your family has had a wonderful dinner, let the laughter, the quirky suspense and the thrill it avails be the lingering memory that follows the family to the bed.

You all are sure to feel miraculously refreshed and surprisingly inspired at dawn, the Paddington warmth and spirit is very infectious, we can only hope the fever lingers for more minutes than the 103 in which Paddington 2 runs its full course.

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