Launch Early, No Product or Service is Ever Completely Finished!

Anderson Ozakpo

One of the most challenging tasks is knowing when a solution is ‘complete’ and the perfect time to launch, whether it is a product or service. Once you realize that a software is usually updated and products always have ‘new improved’ versions, you would agree with me that no product or service is ever completely finished! So why wait? Launch now and thank me later.

You got a spark—a brilliant idea that could translate to revenue. You are almost too sure consumers will love it once it hits the market. You pitch the product or service to a selected few, they begin to analyze, suggest and recommend features you could have added that are not there yet. You get stuck in product development and you begin to ask yourself, why launch a solution that isn’t finished? Wouldn’t customers talk trash about it? What if no one really likes the service? Wouldn’t the product fail before it hits the market?  In this post, we will work through why you should launch and not wait until your product is finished.


Customers don’t care how complete it is, they care about how useful it is.

As a software and product developer, you would assume that your product or solution needs to be as complete as possible, so you ‘try and get everything right’ before the launch. As good as this intention is, it is also very dangerous. You may run into any or all of the following risks:

  • You will spend months developing an ‘awesome’ solution that customers don’t really want.
  • You will bite off more than you can swallow.
  • You will take far too long to actually launch.
  • You will never actually launch at all.

Consumers hardly know if a product is complete; what they are concerned about is whether the solution is useful. If the value you are offering is strong enough, customers won’t care whether the product is missing ribbons and roses.

Why Should I Launch Early?

Launch early, make consumers know you want their honest feedback, treat them like partners and invite them to help shape the product. When you treat your customers like they are part of the plan, here’s what you get:

  • You will get quality feedback that will help reshape your solution.
  • You will create a customer-friendly product rather than creating an awesome product that remains on your shelf.
  • You will earn trust and support from customers who believe in your value proposition.

Most that remind you on what you have not done are not likely going to be paying customers. Those that need what you have are already buying. Sure, reduce price and hit the market and over time keep improving. Yes, listen and improve but do not wait. — Ndubuisi Ekekwe

This post does not advocate throwing half-finished product at customers, No! Rather, the message is ‘don’t get stuck in the development phase of any solution’. Always remember Google and Facebook still have developers, all software need updates and products would always have ‘new improved’ versions. No product or service is ever completely finished! Why wait?


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