27-Year-Old Micheal Friday Invents App that Allows You Make Video calls and Send SMS Without Internet Service

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In a quest to free Nigerians from their over-reliance on the highly expensive imported telecom services, Micheal Friday, a Nigerian scientist, has invented a device, which aims at alleviating subscribers of telecommunications services from buying recharge cards.

Micheal presented this device he calls ‘Mobile Intercom’ at Abuja over the weekend. He coded this application that can be used to make calls, send SMS and do video calls. The Mobile Intercom can do this without the use of the mobile spectrum, i.e. without internet or network. And according to him, it is already completed and working.

Instead of going through Wi-Fi, our chip sets can transmit up to 5,000 meters, which is about 5 kilometres or there about. So if we are able to succeed in developing our own chip sets now, you will see that in an estate, you don’t need to pay money to a telecom company to communicate. In the US today, nobody buys credit anymore. All they buy is subscription. When you buy your subscription your data and your call card and everything is embedded in one.

The Nigerian scientist, who recalled the experiences he had gone through to draw the attention of the authorities to patent his inventions, noted that he would require financial grants to ensure that every Nigerian can benefit from this innovation.

Micheal Friday, A Nigerian Scientist presents a new innovation.
Micheal Friday, a Nigerian Scientist presents a new innovation.

The Director-General of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Engineer Danazumi Ibrahim, welcomed the initiative. Ibrahim, who noted that funding remains the major challenge obstructing the growth of local technology, said that the laudable idea by Michael was what is required to achieve the technological advancement of the country. He also expressed his readiness to take actions that will help to patent Micheal’s invention accordingly.

We are excited about this innovation!

Friday is an award-winning scientist. Having won the global award for developing the smallest storage microchips in 2009, at a science competition in China. He emerged the overall best scientist in 2009. He is also a two-time winner of the most outstanding youth award in Nigeria in 2009 and 2011.

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