Meet #Qwive: A 21-Year-Old Nigerian Creates a Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Artisans and Users

Qwive: Nigerian Startup Bridges Gap Between Artisans and Users

Have you ever been stranded, not knowing the right handyman to call to fix things? A 21-year-old Nigerian, Nnaleche Michael Caleb, launched in February 2018 to help ease the process of searching for proper service providers, which is one very overwhelming challenge in Nigeria.

Qwive helps individuals and businesses find skilled workers and best service providers near them. Nigerians can now easily access makeup artists to barbers, cleaners, painters, home cleaners, dry-cleaners, and many other specialists in different fields.

How Does it Work?

Users can request for a service provider by simply booking through a form on the Qwive website, and instantly get alerts about the task to be done. Contact details are then shared between users and artisans, but payment is made only after the job has been completed. To make workers accountable, the platform allows users to review them upon  job completion.

Service providers are also required to create accounts. Creating an account with Qwive is easy–with the social login feature, it allows you to “login/register” without friction. In fact, once you log in, you will be creating, reviewing and saving listings in no time! After registration, service providers can submit their listings by providing relevant information including their address. Qwive goes a step further by providing clients/service providers with the advert feature, so they can create ads and monitor them in real time.

With the aim of delivering timely services which are cost-effective and at best-quality, Qwive helps to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing reliable and professional services. This platform is also effective for alleviating stress by freeing up time for busy clients and providing job opportunities for all categories of labour.

Qwive seeks to be a one-stop-shop for services that are delivered professionally and safely. Thus, becoming a leading and influential service provider platform all over Nigeria and the world at large.

More and more Nigerian startups are becoming more focused on churning out solutions to tackle the common problems facing Nigerians. Qwive is one of such startups aiming to bridge the gap between Nigerians and quality service providers.


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