Meet #LetsTender: A Nigerian Startup Connecting Clients with Construction Experts

Anderson Ozakpo

At the Stakeholders forum of the Nigerian Building & Road Research Institute (NBRRI) in May 2011, according to researchgate, it was stated that the use of poor materials as well as poor workmanship by quacks is highly responsible for the collapse of buildings.

In 2014, over one hundred and twenty deaths related to building collapse were recorded in Lagos. Similar stories have been told of cities like Port-Harcourt and Abuja. In a bid to provide scalable solutions,, a Nigerian startup seeks to bridge the gap between clients and construction experts. This is to ensure safe and successful construction projects.

Founded in September 1, 2017, is an online construction marketplace that connects clients to professionals and facilitates online tendering processes. With the incorporation of a sophisticated tendering system that helps to facilitate electronic tendering for individuals and corporate organizations, they are able to prevent the resource wastage associated with the use of traditional paper-based tendering processes. also provides construction Intelligence to aid effective business decisions as related to the construction industry.

The Moses Itanola Lead Team, which comprises of Lanre Aribigbola, Samuel Ladapo, are set to provide Nigerians and the world at large, a go-to center for individuals and organizations who intend to execute their construction projects. is a first of its kind online construction marketplace with a focus to becoming the largest in Africa. Its services include, but not limited to connecting clients with construction experts to handle construction projects and ensuring effectiveness, efficiency, and facilitating a streamlined online tendering process for building projects.


Interconnection: Facilitating quality interactions between construction experts and intending construction project owners.
Efficiency: Streamlining pre-construction processes and digitize construction activities to achieve productivity.
Construction Intelligence: Aggregate, document and analyze the construction industry data to aid policy formulation processes.

5 Simple Steps on how to Engage an Expert

STEP 1: Post a Request. Fill in all required fields to post a request describing the requirements of your request.
STEP 2: Complete Request. Include detailed information required to guide experts’ execution. Add all necessary images or documents.
STEP 3: Review Experts. Interact and scrutinize the expert responses to ensure the ability of executing the project competently.
STEP 4: Engage Expert. Select the most preferred expert to execute the project and monitor the execution process.
STEP 5: Rate and Close. Rate the engaged expert’s profile and close the request after successful execution of the project.
Experts can simply sign up here.

Meet bringing Clients to construction Experts

In my opinion, this is another amazing and solution-driven enterprise with a promise of becoming the largest online construction market space in Africa. The kind of solutions offered by can only prove successful when the entire process is strictly adhered to, especially with number five –Rate and Close.

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