Austin Okere Launches #ALA Mentorship Program, to Help Young Entrepreneurs Grow


Entrepreneurship in Africa is very hard and challenging. Yet Africa does not lack innovators or ideas. It is staggering, in a good way, when you realise just how many African start-ups are emerging yearly, tackling important issues in areas like banking and agriculture. But what these start-ups lack generally is proper mentorship. Too many African start-ups are going it alone with their ideas, but keep getting caught by the same problems.

But it appears a change may be on the way, especially in the model through which entrepreneurship is being taught.

Introducing the #ALA Program

We introduce you to ALA, the latest bootstrapping academy for entrepreneurs. ALA, meaning the Ausso Leadership Academy, is a nascent hub for entrepreneurial mentorship in Africa.

ALA promises to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to reach out and be guided by startup mentors. It will also connect emerging business leaders with the established ones and helps them tackle the challenges they face trying to grow their businesses. It is true, most problems entrepreneurs face when starting out are not unique; they’ve been encountered over and over before. So why not connect with people who have successfully tackled the problem? ALA promises to do this.

ALA is also going to be at the forefront of start-up investing. In partnership with the African Wealth Partners, ALA will facilitate “access to capital to deserving entrepreneurs.” It would give participating entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas. And if the idea is solid it gets funded, else more coaching would be required to ensure the idea is solid.

ALA is being promoted by Austin Okere, the founder of  CWG Plc and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Columbia Business School, in New York.

More information about the program would be made available by mid-February. But the program would admit only 40 participants as its pioneer members when it kickoff on April 17. So if you are an entrepreneur or you know an entrepreneur, then watch this space for more information.

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