Good News for Book Lovers! Google Offers Subscription-Free Audio Books on Play Store

Big player in the global tech space, Google has, on Tuesday 22nd January 2018, launched the sale of audio books on its Play store, joining Amazon in the audiobooks space.


Google Play books kick-started with 45 countries, which includes India and in 9 languages, making it more accessible to users around the world. Another amazing thing is that it charges no subscription fee. Yes, you heard right, Google audiobooks are available without a monthly subscription fee.

Tech giant Google launch audio books on play store

This is good news for book lovers who find it hard to pick up a hard copy book to read. You can now purchase audio books on the play store app that comes with most Android phones and even share it with family members at no extra charge through the family library feature provided on the app.

Google is offering a discount of 50% on first time purchase, discounts are also currently being offered for popular titles like Micheal Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” and Stephen King’s “It”. The audio books are available on Android, IOS, the web and on Google Assistant enabled devices like Google Home smart speakers.

A selection of audio books on Google Play store

Prior to the release of Google Play books,  Amazon’s Audible has been in the audiobooks space and is a well-established player with over 400,000 audio titles. Its monthly subscription fee is $14.95 after a free 30 days trial. It also gives users free credit for a book and 30% off additional titles each month.

The major advantage that Google Play books have over Amazon’s Audible is its availability in 45 countries and about nine languages. The fact that it charges no subscription fee is an added bonus.

Another thing would be the fact that while Amazon dominates the U.S. audiobooks market,  Google is well known around the world and has far more reach than Amazon in Africa and other parts of the world. So to all lovers of books, go check out the new google audio books on Play store.

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