#FATECelebration: Key Thoughts and Memories from 2017 FATE Foundation Celebration

David Afolayan
#FATECelebration: Key Thoughts and Memories from 2017 FATE Foundation Celebration
(L-R): Tokunbo Talabi; Muhammad Ahmad; Bola Adesola; Austin Okere (Keynote Speaker); Kofo Akinkugbe (Winner, SME Fate Model Entrepreneur award); Maiden Alex-Ibru (Publisher, The Guardian); Fola Adeola (Founder); Hajara Adeola; Adenike Adeyemi (Executive Director); Bayo Adeola; Habiba Balogun; Dipo Davies

The 2017 FATE Foundation Annual Celebration was a celebration of learning, mentorship and the reward for entrepreneurial excellence. The event which has the theme “The Future of Entrepreneurship” had in attendance aspiring entrepreneurs, volunteers, industry leaders and corporate partners.

The founder, FATE Foundation, Mr Fola Adeola
The founder, FATE Foundation, Mr Fola Adeola

Welcoming the attendees, the founder, FATE Foundation, Mr Fola Adeola encouraged the graduates to anticipate a bumpy ride on their journey to excellence. He admonished them to always pick themselves up whenever they fall and keep running towards the goal.

In his keynote address titled the Future of Entrepreneurship, Mr Austin Okere, the Founder, CWG Plc, advised the graduates to dream big and aspire to great heights. Drawing analogies from his experience as the Founder of CWG Plc, Mr Okere urged the graduands to dispel all forms of fear. According to him, our fears are often misplaced. “The thing we fear most in life are not our goals, but our anxieties and what others may say”, he said.

He summed his presentation thus:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I will leave you with 3 principles that have guided me all these years. I call them the 3 Ws of Life. These are the ‘Way Power’ which getting the know-how just as you have done today. The ‘Will Power’ has to do with the attitude that will keep you going even at the hard times. And, the ‘Wait Power’ has to do with patience (something that is not common with Nigerians. There is a waiting period for every planted seed to grow. You must learn to wait for your time.”

Mr Austin Okere, the Founder, CWG Plc
Mr Austin Okere, the Founder, CWG Plc

Austin Okere is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Columbia Business School, where he received special commendation for his mentorship role in innovation and entrepreneurship. He was recognized with a Lifetime Entrepreneurship Achievement Award by the American University of Nigeria in 2017 for his dedicated service and outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation of certificates to graduates from the FATE Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 20Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 20Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP) 21, Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 58Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 59 Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 59, Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 60Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 58and the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 61 classes.

The presentation of the Valedictorian address by Vivian Ihaza, the class governor, AEP 58, is another key part of the event. Her speech as was centred on the topic “everything you want is on the other side of fear”. She charged the attendees to rise above their limits and achieve their life goals.Valedictorian address by Vivian Ihaza, the class governor, AEP 58

This was followed by an award session designed to reward key contributors. The key award for the day was the FATE Model Entrepreneur (FME) award which was won by Mrs Kofo Akinkugbe (Founder/ CEO. Secure ID).Fola Adeola-Mrs Kofo Akinkugbe- Austin Okere

The other nominee for the award was Tayo Oviosu, the Founder and CEO, Paga. His dignified recognition deserves an ovation.

The FATE Volunteer Facilitator award was won by Dr Uyi Ima-Edomwonyi (Lead Partner, Gavindra Business Advisory).Uyi Ima-Edomwonyi (Lead Partner, Gavindra Business Advisory)

The FATE Volunteer Mentor award was won by Mr Ibrahim Stone Buwanhot (Founder, Interkon Solutions Limited). Mr Ibrahim Stone Buwanhot (Founder, Interkon Solutions Limited)

The FATE Volunteer Consultant award was won by Segun Abodunrin (Co-Founder, TWay Media).Segun Abodunrin (Co-Founder, TWay Media)

The FATE Volunteer MSME Hub Content Contributor award was won by DIY Law.Fate Foundation DIY Law

About FATE Foundation

FATE Foundation is a private sector-led non-for-profit organization founded in 2000 by Mr Fola Adeola with the mission to foster wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial development among Nigerians.

Since the year 2000, FATE Foundation has engaged entrepreneurs across Africa to grow, by offering access to the best entrepreneurial learning, invaluable connections to like-minded peers, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make entrepreneurship very rewarding.

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