Application for the Facebook/FATE Foundation’s Digital Programme is on!


FATE Foundation has announced the 2018 Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Digital Program in partnership with Facebook. The programme is expected to equip entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills and tools to grow their businesses with essential digital strategies.

This Aspiring Entrepreneur: Digital Programme is in line with FATE Foundation’s vision of tackling unemployment and poverty in Nigeria. The non-profit private sector, which was created in March 2000, plans to fulfil this vision by providing Nigerians with the knowledge and support needed to fully explore their innovative potential.

Broken down into streams which will run four times a week, from Mondays to Thursdays, over a four week period and will involve very interactive and hands-on practical workshop learning sessions, the curriculum will have a strong digital marketing component. Its 25 lectures will also cover Business Model Canvas, Business Plan Development, Budgeting, Financial Management and Financial Reporting, Marketing and Pricing Strategies, People Management, Raising Financing, Digital Marketing including using Facebook Business Tools, and Business Pitching.

The 2018 session will hold in 8 Streams in 7 cities, which are Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Kaduna and Enugu. Each stream will be made of 40 participants, and certificates will be issued to the participants.

Several qualifiers make this Social Responsibility stand out, and each one seems put in place to separate the serious-minded from the not-so-serious applicants.

The first is the certificates which are to be submitted during the Stage I of the application process. The certificates, which include a birth certificate and a Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certificate, among others, will reveal both the committed and seriousness participants.

Another qualifier is the 15-minute video interview in Stage II of the application process, which will further streamline the applicants, after which the 40 will be chosen. The dual stage application process may also discourage some potential applicants.

All this will ensure that the applicants are worth the training which is free. Other benefits include Facebook Advert Credits (for the winners of the Pitch Competition), One Year (1) Mentoring Support from FATE Foundation, One (1) Year Business Advisory Support from FATE Foundation, and Access to Free Business Support.

Although Nigeria has innovative entrepreneurs, are they ready to scale this application processes? With the rise in interest, by different digital bodies, in the tech entrepreneurs of the country, the game is changing, and the slow and slothful will be left behind.

Interested persons can learn more about the Aspiring Entrepreneur: Digital Programme here, and potential applicants can start their application here.

Good luck!

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