The Impact of Technology on Tourism, Hospitality and Guests’ Experience in Nigeria

Anderson Ozakpo
Tourism, Hospitality and Guest Experience
Tourism, Hospitality and Guest Experience
Written by Damilola Omoyiwola

Technology is a critical determinant of hotel guest experience. Hotels often utilize technology as a value-added amenity to help promote differentiation and enhance guest experience and satisfaction.

Many years back, Nigeria lacked some technological innovations due to cultural lag in the social system but the evolution of technology has brought changes for the convenience of the people. Technology is part of us as we make use of it in every aspect of our lives. Technology for consumers means an easy life and our appetite for this lifestyle is insatiable.

In a company where customers expectations for a positive experience run particularly high, technology may just provide the means for overcoming this challenge. “People want more control and we must give it to them,” said Sundar Swaminathan, a senior director of marketing at Oracle Hospitality.

Improved Experiences

One of the impacts of technology in Nigeria is the experience people have before and during their stay in hotels. Fueled by technology and the immense power of the Internet of Things (IoT), consumers expectations are growing. IoT shows us that we no longer need to manage expectations because technology means anything is possible.

Online Booking

Online Booking

The emergence of many and more hotel booking sites like with its mobile application is making it even easier for consumers to find the very best deals, the best adventures and the greatest experiences. The site helps customers book hotel rooms online, provide comprehensive help and support to clients and make the hotel booking process smooth and easy.

It also provides hotel recommendations and reviews, making sure that clients stay in good, clean and safe hotels all over the country. The site is a great news for travellers in Nigeria and even in Africa.

Flight Trips

Travels and Tours

Technology has also helped in transportation system with different travel sites like to help search and compare cheap flights from thousands of airlines, travel agents and travel sites.
Consumers can book flights from their locations to any airport in Nigeria, and around the world with this service. This site also helps in planning for leisure and business travel for ease and convenience.

Once a consumer arrives safely at the hotel, as a captive audience, technology can play a key role in setting great and first impressions. To satisfy growing needs, arriving guests could easily be lodged into their rooms of choice perhaps booked via the booking website or its mobile platform.

In-Room Technology

In Room Service in Nigeria

The rise of the smart-homes with its connected light bulbs, thermostats, and smoke alarms, has inspired hotels to experiment with their own smart in-room technology. Yet, guest expectations of in-room technology are far more modest than hoteliers might imagine.

Once inside the hotel bedroom, guests are already able to access in-destination activity choices like internet access, TV etc. As hotel properties make the necessary WiFi enhancements, it helps to have a solution robust enough to withstand intermittent interruptions in connectivity.


While there is no doubt that technology has played a huge role in Nigeria, there are still some roles to play in shaping the hotels and transportation of the future. As hotels implement technological advances, there are new opportunities to get guests connected and deliver personalization. Travelers are willing to share their experiences with others during the stay.

To meet consumers’ high expectations, hoteliers need to know their interests, likes and dislikes to help deliver a unique and very personal experience. This can make a long-lasting impression and provide that sought-after memorable experience.

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