3 Reasons the Nigeria, Ghana Local Internet Exchange Connection is Best for Nigeria


It is no longer news that an agreement which allows for a Ghana Internet Exchange Point connection with Nigeria’s Internet Exchange Point (IXPN) has been arrived at.

This agreement, according to The Guardian,  which will help keep the Internet traffic between both countries local, has been in the works for a while. If actualized, it is expected to boost the possibility of Nigeria becoming the regional hub for Internet content as well as cater for internet issues such as latency.

Internet Exchange Point, (IXP), is a physical infrastructure which enables networks to interconnect with each other directly. This will help tackle security, improve the issue of latency, reduce foreign exchange transaction and improve routing efficiency.

The Ghana-Nigeria deal was confirmed in the document presented by a former Director-General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Prof. Cleopas Angaye, at an interaction programme on, “Improving Socioeconomic Development of a Nation through Qualitative Telecommunications Services,” which was organised by the Senate Committee on Communications.

This internet relationship with Ghana can also be of great gain to Nigeria in at least three ways.

First, the costing will be reduced compared to that of going through third-party networks, and anything that can save costing without reducing quality is welcome. The report by the Guardian revealed that a major service provider in Nigeria has already counted up to N20 million saved since it began localising its traffic through the exchange point, which is definitely good for business.

Moreover, the communication over the exchange point is more secure. With the dangers of cyber insecurity increasing by the day, one cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting cyber communication.

Lastly, this connection of Internet Exchange points can help Nigerian become the internet hub of the region. Being the second largest IXP in Africa, IXPN can improve its chances of being more relevant, and compete with South Africa’s NAPAfrica which is the largest IXP in the continent. It can also make the local content more desirable as it will become more available.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IXPN, Muhammed Rudman revealed that the exchange has connected about 45 top organisations in the country. In his words, with traffic becoming local, there would be no need going to Europe first, before coming back to Nigeria, “such a move will help our data centres, business developers and content creators. This will ensure skills development, the creation of more jobs, among others. Instead of first going to Google America to access traffic, it can now be done locally.”

More mutually-benefiting deals like this would put both countries, and the continent, on the digital map.

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