You can now Request for an Electrician Online in Nigeria With

Uber Style! You can now Order for an Electrician Online With

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Nigerian startup, has launched an on-demand electrical service, which could be easily described as an Uber for Electricians. The new platform offers easy access to installation and repair services for all Tech and Electrical Products of all kinds for the home and for corporate use.

The services offered ranges from house wiring, surveillance systems, security devices, home automation, Elevators and many other kinds of machines. They also offer to fix all kinds of products no matter what it is and from where it is bought.

Uber Style! You can now Order for an Electrician Online With -2
List of services offered by

The startup offers you as six-months warranty to all clients who take advantage of the platform as well. That sounds very assuring, especially in the face of many uncertainties around skilled personnel in Lagos.6 Months Warranty-

According to ItnewsAfrica, the startup has already signed up over 100 electricians specialising in a variety of jobs and has already begun receiving requests. You can sign-up for a service by filling out a form on a segment the site.Uber Style! You can now Order for an Electrician Online With -4

The site also allows you to specify your choice with a click.Uber Style! You can now Order for an Electrician Online With -5 was Co-founded by Gentle Agoh, an electrical engineer who noticed the low rate of technology adoption in the skills market in Nigeria and decided to make things better. Hence, was birthed to connect electricians with customers in a more efficient way.

“It has been both interesting and challenging as we have to deal with ensuring we create the product our customers will love, and also get more clients. We are currently serving Lagos State residents and companies, with plans to move to other major key states in Nigeria next year,” Agoh said.

This is a good development for the Nigerian services space. In the recent times, we have experienced a seamless use of technology to bring otherwise non-technology services to consumers in their comfort zone. These cut across the publication space, to health, cab-hailing, drivers vetting and so on.

We hope they are able to win and maintain the customers’ confidence with quality service delivery.

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