Kudos! Cc-HUB And GoogleDev Deserve Applauds For Hosting #LaunchpadStartLagos

Kudos! Cc-HUB And GoogleDev Deserve Applauds For Hosting #LaunchpadStartLagos

Nigeria’s foremost social innovation centre, Co-Creation HUB (Cc-HUB), hosted the #LaunchpadStartLagos in Lagos from 6 -10 November 2017 in collaboration with Google Developers (GoogleDev).

#LaunchpadStartLagos was the first ever Google Developers Launchpad in Lagos and it brought together over 100 local mentors, 21 start-ups. It held for a week at CcHub in Yaba. It was problem-solving bootcamp, in many ways for the early stage start-ups present. Focus topics include Products, Design, Marketing, Business and Growth.

The study on Product involved key questions like the need for the product, and asking what problems such product solves. Those on Design covered areas such as the creation of customers’ personas to design the right product. The marketing classes involved lessons on how to pitch and present your product in the best light (and sound) possible, while the business classes involved how to make the venture sustain itself. There were discussions about financing, fund raising and venture capital. The growth sessions covered areas such as people, culture, organisation, and their importance in building your start-ups. It also included studies on leadership and operations.

Evidently, the idea was to achieve rapid growth in a very short time, drawing on the extensive experience of the mentors. The start-ups were taken through a process of mentoring and were offered a framework for growth.

The first feature of the programme, in the league of many that deserve an applause, is the use of local volunteer mentors.

This provides a platform for them to give back to the society; the dream of every successful entrepreneur. This will also help boost the sense of worthiness of the mentors, increase their exposure as well as help the mentees realise that there are sterling examples in the local turf.

The second is the one-on-one mentoring, and brainstorming sessions made available. It is one thing to tutor from a stage, and another to discuss in a roundtable session. The later has more impact, as it gets personal.

Finally, the third applause is deserved because the start-ups were chosen from different sectors: banking, data collection, wedding planning, driving, real estate, agriculture, genotype search for lovers, and many others. There is an equal spread in the diverse sectors of the economy.

I must confess that Cc-HUB is living up to its bill as the country’s foremost innovation centre. Recent events show an increasing drive towards strengthening the African Technology narrative through collaboration and empowerment. Recall that it recently launched a book on Digital Security and is hosting a contest for Developers in partnership with Truecaller

The start-ups mentored include the Nucleus Tech, Scangoods, SmartTeller, Wallet.ng, MoonNet Spark, Mbele, Genotible Limited, Mauve Emblem Ltd, Drivertise, Zynar Tech Network Limited, Cameraman Digital Services, Tuteria Limited, FormPlus, Thrive Agric Lid, CareerCampus, Taja, Zapay Me, WeddingFiber, Mykolo-Tech Innovations Limited, OffCampusNG, Getweded Limited.

We look forward to their growth in the near future.

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