TSTV is no Where to be Found Two Days After Promised Launch Date, Nigerians React

TSTV commercial launch deadline passed

Two days after 1 November, the promised date for the commercial launch of TSTV’s broadcast services nationwide, Nigerians are still anticipating the TV platform’s official announcement and the opportunity to enjoy the much touted “Pay-per-view” Tv services.

In a news release on their website, TSTV has explained that its decoders have been deployed through accredited dealers and that it is offering free broadcast for the month of November. According to the release, the brand is “very conscious of the need to offer Nigerians value, and they believe that every new product should be tested before purchase.”


TSTV is presently transmitting for free now on ABS 3 satellite, and can be received on Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 free to air. The TV company is also open to assessments comments and findings via their email and their Facebook page.

This step implies confidence in their offering. If TSTV calls on Nigerians to use their products and rate it, knowing that Nigerians are good at holding nothing back when it comes to criticism, they are perhaps setting a consumer care standard.  Nigerians love freebies and with an offer to test before purchase, it may be hard for many Nigerians to resist.

Some questions should be asked, like sustenance of quality and having a good presence to reckon with in the competition with Kwesé, StarTimes, and the DStv family. TSTV will have to do more than talk about what the Nigerian customer deserves and give them (always) what they want.


More important though, is the present report of the channels being illegal will definitely affect the acceptance of TSTV. Nigerians may not have a good record of fidelity, but they sure don’t like to be reminded of it, especially when they were told it was free.


Nigerians can be loyal and disloyal, depending on what is on the ground. The true state of the customer base will be seen when the freebies are over, and the new customers pay for the first month. So come January 2018, TSTV will know its place in the hearts of Nigerians.

TSTV awaits Nigerians’ feedback here: [email protected]

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