You Have 7 Days Left To Enter For The Truecaller, CcHUB Developers’ Contest

Truecaller Developers Contest

The anti-spam app, Truecaller, has experienced tremendous growth in the past couple of years, across Africa, and it is making a move to get more involved with the continent by launching a Developer Program and hosting a contest for Nigerian developers and start-ups with prizes up to $4,000 worth of ads.

Having become one of the fastest growing consumer apps in Africa, with over 50 million users, and blocking over half a billion spam calls monthly in the continent, Truecaller is coming into Africa to scout for a Development Director and Sales Director to jumpstart the Truecaller Team Africa.

After setting up an office in South Africa, the company is set to collaborate with CcHUB to host an event for local tech influencers in the country, and also launch a Developer Program for Truecaller SDK.

Truecaller SDK is a tool made for app developers to help them minimize the friction or a complexity which comes with getting new users; end users get to smoothly utilize their Truecaller credentials to sign up. Truecaller SDK aims to help reduce cost, and improve the overall quality of the users, as there are no more spam accounts, and the best part is that it is free.

Following the launch of the Developer Program, a contest for the developers and start-ups to show the best way they can use Truecaller SDK in their app is on. The first prize is $4,000 in ads on the Truecaller platform, and the second and third winners get $2,000 and $1,000 in ads spending, respectively.

This is an opportunity for Nigerian start-ups and developers to get more featuring space on the global plane. Being a global app, ads on Truecaller will go far in putting your trade to the world.

For more information on Truecaller SDK and the contest, go here. To sign up for the contest, go here. Deadline is Tuesday, 31 October 2017 at 11:59 pm, Lagos time. You have seven days to enter the contest.

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