Can’t Afford iPhone X? Try ICE 2 By MTN, Google and TD Mobile

Can't Afford iPhone X? Try ICE 2 By MTN, Google and TD Mobile

More Nigerians will now be able to afford smartphones as the long awaited ‘affordable’ smartphone, ICE 2, has been officially unveiled in Lagos by MTN, Google, and TD Mobile, the Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile device distributor.

ICE 2 is said to be designed for the Nigerian market and is one of the many devices by Freetel, Japan’s biggest smartphone brand. It is also preloaded with MTN’s latest apps including the MTN Music plus, and, courtesy of MTN, all who buy the device will enjoy double data bonus on every data bundle they buy, for three months.

The Guardian reports that the device, which will sell for about N13,000, approximately $35, is powered by Google’s latest Android Operating System – Android 7.0. It comes fully equipped with the latest software and security updates like the Google Play Protect which works to keep the users device and data safe.

Rahul De, MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed excitement about the partnership with TD Mobile, as he believes this will allow more Nigerians use the internet and enable them to have access to information and entertainment. He also said that ICE 2 will help more Nigerians transition from their feature phone to a smartphone.

Having a mixture of quality and convenience, the ICE 2 will definitely be attractive to many Nigerians, but there may be a setback if it is for MTN users alone, as not everyone is on the MTN network.

The Managing Director of TD Mobile, Mrs Gozy Ijogun, said that the launch of the device is a testimony to the strides gained by the company in making ICT products and devices accessible and affordable across Africa, which has been the drive of TD Mobile since its inception. According to her, the ICE 2 Android is sure to get into the hands of millions of Nigerians in no time, owing to the massive network of operators, dealers and retailers.

Africa is the fastest growing market for mobile operators and smartphones, and so the ICE 2 is going to be a success, and since many Nigerians cannot afford the iPhone X, they might as well get another new phone with a more affordable price.


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