MEST Appoints New MD in a Bid to Boost More African Startups

It appears the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, MEST, has plans to provide funding to more start-ups in their bids to attain global status, with the appointment of a new Managing Director, Aaron Fu. The Accra based innovation hub plans to scale up its presence across Africa with the take over from the interim MD, Katie Sarro.

MEST is a start-up incubator founded in 2008. According to Techcrunch, MEST has on ground presence in other countries i.e. Nigeria, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa and is actively recruiting in these countries. It operates by training and offering seed funding for African innovators to help build successful commercial tech companies.

With Fu’s appointment, the incubator is expected to expand and become a multi-country entity by opening physical incubator spaces in other parts of the market, using the feedback from the Accra. The new MD has in his plans to connect MEST’s start-ups to opportunities which include teams and customers to help build the companies into a successful reality.

In the past decade, Africa has seen an exponential rise in the number of start-ups generation, and with the boosting of MEST into other countries in Africa, the innovators will have more options for funding which would inadvertently improve the technological pursuit of the continent.

Fu revealled that MEST has plans to building more than apps, but businesses which would inspire the next generation, this it plans to do by transitioning toward more investment activities.

With this move, MEST is set to become another rallying point for startup incubation and the place to consider when funding is the question, in Africa.

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