You can now Clap for Posts on Medium as Much as You Like

Medium claps

Popular publishing platform has replaced the recommend option with the clap option on its platform. Now, to show your support for a Medium post and recommend it to your followers, click or tap the clap icon (👏). Then, clapping for a story will notify the author that you have applauded it. Cool, isn’t it?

An email from Katie Zhu from Medium explained that “It’s no longer about whether you like, or don’t like something. Now, you can give different levels of applause on Medium to express just how much a story means to you. It’s simple: just click the clap button. If you feel strongly, click it more (or just hold it down).”Start clapping - Medium clap

What if you already have a shelf of recommendations to your credit? Don’t worry: Medium has said that “If your posts have already been recommended, one heart will convert to one clap automatically for you.”. So, need to panic really. Then, folks can also clap for old stories.

Like you should know, the number of claps you get will ultimately affect how your post is ranked. Medium has said that “when ranking stories, our system will evaluate claps users give out on an individual basis, assessing their applause for a particular post relative to the number of claps they typically give.”

But, don’t get carried away, medium says that “Claps on a post are limited to 50 per user”. Hence, no over-clapping!

Perhaps you want to be humble, you can undo the “claps” option. How?

To remove or undo applause option:

  • From a post page, mouse over the clap button until an X appears > click the X.
  • From your feed or homepage, click the down arrow icon > Undo applause.
  • In iOS, navigate to the post itself, and tap the share icon (square with arrow, bottom left) > tap Undo claps.

By the way, guys, did anyone notice that Medium was down for a moment today? Okay, it was.Medium is Down

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