Next Startup Review- Get Reliable Drivers in Nigeria With Driversng

Hire Reliable Drivers in Nigeria- Driversng

Driving has fast stopped being just another skill learnt for a personal use, more than a skill only needed for mobility. It is not just a source of income and profession for many. Driving is a hobby, a form of sports and a skill to be professionally taught.

Some companies have leveraged on driving by creating an organized pool of drivers and vehicles that you can pay as you i.e. Uber, Go my Way and some others have understood that you must have personal drivers and have offered solutions that will make the process easy and safe. One of such is Driversng.

Services offered

Driversng offers a range of personalized driving services and these services include:

Personal Drivers

This service entails the clients getting a professionally trained driver, and does not have to wonder about the credibility of the driver.

Company Drivers

With this service, companies won’t have to employ drivers for staff directly or one after the other. Driversng provides the option to hire drivers from their pool of drivers which comprises of reliable and qualified drivers.

Truck Drivers

The number of accidents on our road will be significantly reduced if the truck drivers are better informed about the importance of ethics and the respect of other road users. Driversng offers well educated and disciplined truck drivers for logistics companies. Somehow, you can be sure your goods are in the hands of one with a proper grooming.

Driver for a Day

This one is interesting. Sometimes we all wish we have a driver for that one moment. Now, you can get a driver for one day. This is perfect for a traveller who needs to be driven to the airport, the lady who needs to get to an event, or for the couple who needs a chauffeur on their wedding. This could also ease a lot of burdens when the driver called in sick and should be on his way to give a presentation. This service would save a lot of people headaches.

Driver Outsourcing

This smart move by Driverng involves providing drivers for Uber or any other cab-hailing service provider. This gives the Uber Vehicle owner an alternative to employing a driver with little-known history. This is a smart solution to the lingering driver problem in the industry.

Drivers Training

Sometimes, you don’t think the driver is all bad but maybe he needs a little polishing. Driversng trains individual and company drivers through private sessions and consultation services.

Some Numbers

Present pool: About 2,517 drivers 1,254 of them engaged, leaving yet a good number of available drivers.

Engaged: 1,254

Clients:  1,097 serviced clients

You can check out their site here.

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